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Mark Preston (Tenna-Tsa-Teh) Master of the Copper  was born in Dawson City, Yukon.   He is of Tlingit and Irish ancestry presently living in Vancouver, British Columbia.

He learned about is Tlingit ancestry through family and school study.   Initially, mark began studying art through European masters such as; Leonardo Da Vinci but later discovered other notable masters - Bill Reid, Robert Davidson and Roy Vickers.

Mark has studied various mediums in paper, cloth, wood, metals, stone and most recently started working on glass.   He began studying silver carving with well known master jeweler and carver Phil Janze (Gitskan Nation)  at Hazelton, BC.

'When i think about what art is, it is more than illustration or objects to be doted over.   Art is the majic, the glue that binds us all together.   It is the language that transcends its forms'.

"Art gives us reason to think, ponder and speak our minds".   Tenna-tsa-teh. 

Here Mark Preston signs one of his limited edition prints in the Coastal Peoples Fine Art Gallery in Yale Town.   You can find many more pieces from Mark's collection in silver at this location:     

It has been a long time desire of mine to finally assemble a portfolio that reflects both the passion for what I do and the philosophy behind my work.  There is a story behind every piece of art I produce and it is my hope that you take the time to discover the 'adventure' and sense of purpose that lay in each piece.

I am very grateful to have the opportunity to choose this path in life.  The many people I have met in my journey's have had a profound impact and in some way influenced much of the work you will see in my collections.  I hope you find these pages inspirational and that my work will in some small way move you to reflect on your own life in a new and creative way. 

The artist states: "This website becomes a forum, a show case for my work and allows all the people that support my art to view new additions and new directions."   

If you wish to support the arts, visit the galleries and their respective websites.  Each gallery has been incredibly supportive of my work in the past and I encourage you to visit each one as they are all uniquely special.   

If you are a gallery owner and wish to meet or communicate with the artist, please feel free to contact Mark Preston directly at: 



October 3, 2005 Updated

Salmon's Destiny...

In the circle of things we are all dependant on other life forms.  We are especially dependant on the cylcle of the salmon, more than many realize.   The salmon has been a symbolic icon for many First Nations Peoples of North America and now more non-aboriginal groups are finding the spiritual and physical significance of this in their own lives.   As a child i grew up with the knowledge that my own life was very much tied to the spirit of salmon  swimming up our rivers in search for ancient spawning grounds.   Our nets would be plentiful and the racks soon filled with red flesh of the salmon, but since then have dwindled.   Leaving many to find other sources of fish to dry for the long winters that we have here in the north.

As the salmon stocks are being depleted, that pressure for survival drives many of the animals that relied on the salmon to search farther and farther out of thier own traditional territories.   Sometimes that search for food has our own paths crossing over onto theirs.

As an artist, jeweler, carver and story teller, it is my hope that as a race we learn to responsibly curb the needs of our natural resources in a positive way.

While we can all see the truth then we can individually agree that each of us need to do our part at some level in responding to this concern of cutting back the over use of the salmon. 

I have chosen to believe that we are all part of a great interplay within the natural world.   In this depiction of the salmon we see a run of playfulness and salmon great and small all swim together fulfilling thier destiny.   (tenna-tsa-teh)

with each turn

i see a new plain

with each glance

i am seeing for the first time

oh that you could see

the wonder

no not just with naked eyes

truth is not covered in tears nor dulled by the earthly senses

there is no time like the present

oh that you forgot your place in the heavens

leaving only a shadow

on ones gratefulness

i am the salmon

that fills the water on your hearts desire

to fulfill my destiny

in you, i am

protecting the balance

And in the depths

we are as one



Salmons' Destiny